Haze! Haze! Haze!

Health Tips In Haze Conditions:

1.            Prevent haze indoor
 At home, all the windows and doors must be close tightly. Use wet cloth to close the gaps if Air Pollutant Index (API) is high and at unhealthy level. Air purifier is also helpful to filter the air if necessary.

2.            Drink more water
Our lungs and skin absorb a lots of haze dust and the kidneys have extra works to eliminate these toxins out of our body. So it’s important to drink at least 2 liter of water a day to stay hydrated.

3.            Lessen alcohol & coffee
Alcohol and coffee dehydrate our body system.

4.            Eat healthy with balance diet
Balance diet is important for health. It’s important to boost your immune system at this kind of hazardous time. Eat more food with vitamin C, E, and Omega-3 e.g fruit and green vegetables, fish etc. Consume less dairy products, sugar, red meat, fried food etc.

5.            Take bath, wash hands & face frequently
To clean away the dust and toxins from the skin. Hygiene is important to prevent spread of infectious disease through contact.

6.            Avoid outdoor activities
Outdoor activities like exercise should be avoid when haze condition.

7.            Essential outdoor items -  face mask, eye drops, nasal decongestant, bottle of water
Remain indoor if possible. Wear 3-ply surgical or N95 mask if haze condition worsen especially when you go outdoors. Other items mentioned above are necessary when you have dry itchy eyes, itchy runny nose and sore scratchy throat.

8.            See doctor when health problem worsen
Runny nose is normal during the haze condition because your body produce more mucus to capture and eliminate those dust and toxins present.
Those who have respiratory, skin and allergy problems (e.g. asthma, eczema, rhinitis) especially children and elderly should remain indoor and always have medication like antihistamines and decongestants. However, if their health problems worsen, see doctor immediately.

9.            Constant monitoring of Air Pollutant Index (API) Readings
Keep yourself always alert on the haze conditions in your area. You can check at Malaysia Department of Environment’s website for the latest news update.

Very Unhealthy

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